S_V_H I Call Your Name finalImage

I Call Your Name is finished.  This work surprised the artist, as much as the 2010 Birthday painting: it stopped what was, and lead this artist onto a different path.  Near the completion of this work there was the added feeling rising  that Call did not care about any finishing touch ups, or any particular fine tunning.  It was saying it was fine with a little roughness left intact.  Of course, this artist still worked the canvas, with dabs of paint here and there, although it was completely unnecessary, sometimes it is hard to let go.

Some works speak more then others.  Some works are shy, while others are aggressive in their demands.  I call your name was neither of those descriptions.  Call simply knew long before it was obvious that it was something quite different.

The artist learns from his art. The artist thrives with his art.  The art risks it all for the art. The art saves the artist. The artist saves himself.  To the art the artist means nothing. The art is selfishly relentless, forever demanding of the artist, and fearless. The art is, the artist is.   That may not be the equalizer for surely there will never be enough strength or time for the artist. The art will win. The artist will lose everything, without regret.

For this artist It is all about the journey. Thank you

Scott Von Holzen