S_V_H I Call Your Name image5

I Call Your Name,  but what do you call this artwork of the same name?  The one response that was heard was Art Deco.  That is interesting for Art Deco is an artistic and design style that is much appreciated, but never figured into what has been painted.  Still, the look is great and today the feeling is that this is an artistic moment.

These realizations have occurred a number of times in this artistic career, with the last being the Birthday painting.  It has been that way for over the five years of this art project, and over the next ten years there is going to be many such moments, each better than the last.  That is how it works, that pause that surprises, is what keeps the artist moving forward, no matter the cost,  at all costs.  It is these few moments in the many hours of painting that are the nudges, the pat on the back, the unexpected complement, the self realization of just why all the effort is worth all the effort.

On the bookshelf are are dozens of Art Books that detail that path taken by hundreds of Artist, each deserving, each rewarded or not based almost on a flip of a coin.  There are no guarantees, there has never been a naive understanding of what needs to be done to overcome obscurity.   That point is what good does a creative artist accomplish if the work does not get seen by other artists and the influence, hopefully grows which just drives the moments further.  It is fun, the dream, the challenge, the goal, no matter, it is all worth living. If you got it, you gotta do it.

Scott Von Holzen