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Hallelujah is near completion.  The final, final image will be posted on the website  scottvonholzen.com.  This is an impressive painting. It was started around February 27th and will be finished tomorrow March 23rd.  Not bad to complete such a large work, under a month.

That means this artist can do a minimal number of ten foot paintings of twelve a year.  So, to put that in perspective, maybe fifteen such large works could be finished in a year.  To be a full time artist, this artist needs a gross income of sixty thousand.   So, that means this work must sell for four thousand.  So, in taking  those numbers and other considerations, four-thousand it is.  Better buy this baby now, it is only going to get more expensive.  Just think, this is probably the only work that is ever going to be done that celebrates the music of the Hallelujah.  This is it, there’s not going to be anymore.  This is a one-of-a-kind.   And, she is a beauty.

This work has broken with the previous I call your Name.  That is never easy, for it cannot be told how many times Call was searched and studied for the next move to be made for Hallel.  Finally, there came a moment that the head turning was getting to be a distraction.  Then that was it:  Call was wired was and upstairs it went to be hung on a living room wall to replace the Christmas song.

Totally, this artist has forgotten the name of that December canvas.  It is amazing how much is put into each of these works, and then when it is over, it is just that, over.  Later when looking at a finished work it is similar experience, detached from, that a stranger would have seeing one of these painting for the first time, and being pulled in by curiosity.  It works that way. Each of these works are meant to work that way. Each demands to be treated that way.  That is how they work and that is how this art works.

Scott Von Holzen

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