S_V_H Hallelujah image9

Modest update for Hallelujah a 36 inches by ten feet two panel work on canvas.  Spent two evenings trying to decide what colors to use for this musics one word,  Hallelujah.  The first color was Burnt Sienna, and then no matter what dark or light shades of Sienna that were used, it just did not look right. Even trying the other brown colors, failed, so then the shift was to the acrylic Green Gold at the end of last night.

Last night,  after seeing that color dry, it was a quick decision that green was not the answer.  Finally, magenta was chosen, for its tint, and magenta had not been used on the three quarter rests.  It is also a color that would not interfere with the green slur. The five eighth notes where also a color problem the drag on. There was a need for an additional color to complement the existing three , acrylics Indian Yellow Hue, and Iridescent Copper, with the oil Yellow Ochre.  Because of this need to harmonize these notes a slightly tinted Raw Sienna fit in logically after all the other attempts created too much contrast or too little interest.  More finishing needs to be done to deepen the color and to sharpen the edges.

To keep art on the mind there is always an art book being read, and currently it is Portrait of Dr. Gachet.  It is interesting to see some of the details around the flow of Vincent Van Gogh’s art after his death.  Fascinating, and somewhat disquieting  that he should take his life, with all the advantages he had over other artists.  It would be fascinating to know just what he was honestly thinking that is only hinted at in his letters. His end fate must have been on his mind for awhile: he had to acquired a gun.  His death seems silly, and selfish, at times, and the true purpose of his fatal decision will never be known.  Even with Vincent Van Gogh, then and now, it is all about the Image.

This Artist, honestly sees only a very, very long road.  This Artist sees the evolution occurring.   This Artist seems the fragility of this dream.   This Artist sees no other way.  This Artist is going for the ride. This Artist lives the Image.

Scott Von Holzen