S_V_H Hallelujah image8

Hallelujah photo from Friday night.  Family was here this weekend, and the home improvement project was building another bookshelf to fill with Art and Music books.  It is quiet now, they are gone home.  It was the standing watching their car slowly disappear down the road,  that is most difficult.  To go from the voices and noises of many to the slowly dying engine sound of a white Toyota van traveling away puts everything in perspective.

What is above was completed in a couple of hours time early Friday night, before they arrived.   It does not look like much, but a lot of time goes into thinking. And again a big wall of frustration for this artist is a need for more colors that just may not exist, or possible he has not discovered, ….yet. The search continues, but for now relief was found for the eighth notes in Iridescent Copper, Yellow Ochre,  and Gold Ochre.  This music which is listened to every night is sad, but inspirational, and also an inspirational challenge, that is much enjoyed.

It is the Music.  It is the Sound.  It is the Deliverance. It is the Spiritual. It is the Salvation.  It is Art.

Scott Von Holzen