S_V_H Hallelujah image7

Hallelujah on a Friday evening.  The changes here are not that great, but this is going to be a family weekend, with an added home improvement in the studio.  There is a need for another bookshelf to hold all the Art and Music books that fill this artist life.  No iPad here,  even though the day job name could easily be described as an official Computer Geek. The lucky part is playing with computers all day, and getting paid for it.  Living the Dream Day & Night.  No matter, no download here, for there is just something special about holding, and feeling the weight of a great Art book.

What you are seeing new, are the mostly circular outlines of the five magnificent  8th notes.  Tonight, the coloring is the next project after publishing these comments, because once in the flow of the art it is hard to stop and do a blog entry.

Also, to share a small secret, the only word that appears on this ten foot canvas is Hallelujah.  But, and this important to this artist, there is in every work the concerted effort to separate the Music and its words from the Art and its use of  words.  In the Music, there are actually four hallelujahs and in the Art only one syllable is taken from each, to form the one word: simply an effective message that stands on its own

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