S_V_H Hallelujah image6

Hallelujah a 36″ by 10 foot canvas.  Most of the art is done in the evenings, which mounts to a couple to three hours generally, sometimes less (life gets in the way of Art). The point is the last couple of days the progress has been slow.  This may be also because the expectations are high, which leads to a lot of starring, standing back, second guesses, and looking over past works to see what the differences are.  This work is leaning a lot on I Call Your Name.

What is needed is for it to step up and make its voice heard.  The ears are open.  They are also listening to the Leon Cohen live versions of Hallelujah which are the kick start to the nights work.

The music and the art will come together, that is how it works, that is what it takes, that is how it gets done.

Scott Von Holzen