S_V_H Halleluajh image5

Hallelujah and the squiggly Slur.  It took one whole evening to draw and paint the Tie and the Slur in this music.  Then it took an afternoon to paint the three note beam above.  Neither is finished.   A musical Tie and a Slur are just nice curved lines that connect two similar notes or a group of notes, as a slur. Some times, such in Winter a strong curve line works, but for this music the slur is used to shake up the even flow of this work.   Slurs and Ties have been painted in a number of different styles over the years.  The question with this effort was the chosen color and not so much the originality of the slur.

Ties and Slurs offer a chance to let loose on the canvas in the hope of shaking up the obvious flow of the notation.  The problem was how to draw the emotions of a Tie or Slur to the in a original style that catches the viewer.

In Hallelujah the slur does not have that wormy look reminiscent of the Christmas painting.  Also, the chaos is better connected here, then in Imagine,  less predictable then in  Cry Me A River, close to the fine effort in Eyes on a Prize,  and probably an evolution of the slur from Chopin’s Valse, with more spontaneity and less strictness.

Still, there is a wish to be able to do more.  Still, there is wonder if two dimensional art has any chance in this assemblage art world.

Scott Von Holzen