S_V_H Hallelujah image4

Hallelujah 3 feet by 10 foot.   A thanks goes out to the receptionist at work that, on her own, commented (work related humor).  That is the first since June of last year.  Moving on.

A couple of  nights before there was only empty circles, and no idea what color to use to fill in.  Then the next night, just walking down and looking at the canvas the obvious color choice of  Cobalt Blue was chosen, over Ultramarine Violet that lacked cover.  The Cobalt worked for two reasons, it stands out from the background, but unlike a lot of work in the past, it also lifts the canvas gently from the background forward.  That is important for this music.   The idea of strong separation or contrast, notation from background, can work with some music, check out Chopin’s Valse.  This music demands a smoothness of flow, and an overall picture that bonds completely  with the viewer.

To explain, those three vertical calligraphy, or  Egyptian hieroglyphs objects are quarter Rests.  Their spacing was cut to fit the notation, and surprisingly they found their own way to express themselves.  You gotta wanna, and that is what you see expressed in a work that when  finished will define, and superbly  represent, this art in 2011. Guarantee, you gotta wanna.

Scott Von Holzen