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Thunder Road.  What is it about this music?  At least once a night, and more like two, three times, the ten versions of this song are played, and played, and played.  There is enough variety in tempos, mood and styles of this music done by Bruce Springsteen, that holds the interest.

The drawings in white are the first drafts of the design of the eighth notes. The only thought, that  happened to come to mind while going for a walk, was to use different colors of different blues, and see if that can pop those notes.  Decisions are quick and decisive, without ever any lingering doubts, so we will see quickly if the blues are keepers. Another thought is,  like Hallelujah,  to keep the use of  green to the ties, that have not been drawn in yet. .

Right now it is hard to write anything: the work week was long and demanding, and switching directions is  rough, and at this moment the artist is just plan tired.  The second wind, physically and mentally,will come later into the evening, and the painting will probably go to about eleven pm.  This important work needs a complete effort, and surprisingly the mood will soon shift and the passion will return, and the dream will push forward, and the paint will flow, and the right efforts will finally present themselves and Bruce will be singing “…it’s a town full of losers. I’m pulling out of here to win,” and then it will, once again, all make sense.

Scott Von Holzen

Scott Von Holzen

~ by Scott Von Holzen on 04/29/2011.

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