S_V_H Thunder Road image8

Thunder Road 3 panel 36″ by 9 feet.

Looking for the individual strength of this work to surface, completely, with today being a month into it and more work to go.  This closing phase can be the difficult and long trying to unite the whole work by connecting the pieces, smoothing out the details, refining the impact, balancing the flow, and excepting its limitations.

Today will be a hard day to make much progress being tired and emptied by work, but the energy will return as night approaches and the feelings come back. It is all fine, nothing less is expected, this artist is not ready to go it alone, and work pays the bills.  It is all about switching gears, a phrase that is well understood.  The music helps, listening to Bruce singing Youngstown, The Ghost of Todd Joad, Eyes on the Prize, and Thunder, gets the mind in focus encouraging the heart to remember why. Louder is better.

There is a concern that this work maybe too decorative.  There is no response, the paint just went down that way.  The smaller circles inside the notes certainly kick the flow across the canvas.  There is a concern that there are just too many circles populating this work. That could be, but it is too late now, but that may play into future decisions.  Every little style changed must be push to its limit just to wear out its vision, and open a path to the next, next.

Time to close the eyes and spread the fingers and slowly move across the canvas feeling the paint, feeling the connection, feeling the music, and touching the art.  When you can you should touch the art. Sure that is a rare privilege, but leaning forward and staring hard is not good enough, with this art touching is considered very desirable, and very well welcomed.

Scott Von Holzen