S_V_H Thunder Road image7

Thunder Road.
Last night the feeling, that feeling of connection came back.  It occurred while doing some added brush work on the background in the open areas.  It was felt, and it felt good, and it was about time.  This canvas has been the main focus of attention since April 16th.  Strange, unlike most works in witch that into mood maintains itself fairly well, with Thunder there has been a lot of indecision,a lot of Bruce Springsteen music, a lot of life distractions, and a lot of exhaustion. Still slowly moving to completion this work will eventually find its own identity that will be finely tuned.  Thunder will then stand on its own magnificent self, a  visually triumphant .  At less that is the plan.

There was a thought that the eighth notes could be see as representing a stain glass look.  This than could represent a religious twist on the meaning of Thunder Road.  Interestingly, just after 9/11 there was a segment, on CBS Sunday Morning, about the correspondence’s friend who had died in the Twin Tower.   At his funeral Thunder Road was played.  That has stuck.  Maybe, there is more, and this artwork has much more to say then Oh Thunder Road.

Consistent with previous works there are many diverse colors, and like Hallelujah green was introduced on the Ties, and no where else. Still, this work needs a lot of work, especially with the notes, and right now there are no ideas.

The current art book being read is Portrait of Dr. Gachet.  Enjoyable, with many interesting details about this artwork and the art industry.  But, what spun things was the mention about there being fake Van Goghs.  That has lead to a lot of searching and reading.  It is interesting that there are paintings not painted by Van Gogh that that are worth millions  because just maybe, it is a work by Van Gogh.  So what does that say about art? Does it say that the demand for Van Gogh is so big that the really real hand of the artist,  is not that important? It is a wonder. It can be put to rest that the tens of thousands of brush stokes on all of these works of art have all been done by the hand of this artist.  Not sure if that is worth anything, but unlike Van Gogh that coped out, this artist is going to stick it out, just to see.  Just to see if it was worth the journey.  Just to see, and to know.  Hey, it helps that it is all documented here for everyone not to see.

Scott Von Holzen