S_V_H Like A Prayer image3

Like a Prayer two panel 24 inches by 8 ft:

Prayer, is progressing, although the updates lately, have been far between. Projects around the house and more so Memorial Weekend set this Artist back a week.  With so many distractions, the Art suffers.

This popular Madonna piece was a favorite of this artist:  the rock, the words, the theme, the Gospel sound, the spirituality, the sharp beat, it all works and builds nicely.  Still far from finished Prayer has found its separation from Thunder and Hallelujah, striking out on its own direction.  That is nice. That is how it works. That means there is probably more to come.

One concern with Prayer was that the colors might appear to be in conflict, but that feeling has faded.  Understand this Artist wants more colors and not just shades or tints of red, blue, green, yellow, and brown.  That is why the use of of Acrylic Iridescent Colors by Golden have their part to play.  When there is just not enough colors to work with they can fill in the need.  There is the understanding that their are millions of tints and shades of blues, or greens, but most are so close in the results that for all practical purposes, a tinted Prussian Blue and a tinted Ultramarine Blue give equal results; they are lighter blues.  What is important to grasped is that this art rejects, cutesy brushstrokes, or fine details.  So minor changes in tints of blues, is poo, poo and simply rejected.  This art’s impact comes from the bold use of color and shapes.

First stop, the Artists stands away to view the  entire work; then quickly the move in close, refocused eyes sweep across the canvas seeing bits of shapes and colors, and depth; then with eyes wide shut the gently placement of spread fingers tips on the canvas.

That Touch with Madonna  singing Sorry; and it all feels mysterious. It feels loud, and direct, and it is pointed straight at you.

Scott Von Holzen