S_V_H Like a Prayer image2

Like a Prayer 2 panel 24 inches by 8 feet:
This image is the completed background for the music.  Next, the notes will be drawn in using a slow drying titanium white acrylic. In the past the background was reworked only after the music had a mature look to it.   What will be a different technique, this time, is once the  basic draft of the notes are in place, and checked for position, the background is going to be worked once again.  Color contrasts in the shape of basic rectangles will move with the notes.  Not sure the look here, or even the colors that would work.  Beyond that, the only sure thing is that they will be either 5mm or 10mm in width,  elongated rectangles with a look that will shake up the background and create interest and probably movement. Maybe this will be too much, or too decorative, or too meaningless.  It is idea that just popped up.  We will see.

Scott Von Holzen