S_V_H Like a Prayer image1

Like a Prayer 24 inches by 8 feet:
Prayer is the third and final image in this made up trilogy: music themes dealing with faith.  It is going to be a hard fit.  Madonna was a favorite of this artist many years ago.  Prayer only surface during a browsing search for a new music theme for the next painting.  As always, it is hard to start on the next work until the current one is finished.  That is not the way this artist wants to work that is just how it works.  Since it was hard to break the mood of Thunder, Prayer seemed a logical choice.  The music has a lot of musical variations that help, and words that offer different meanings, but how small of a canvas could be used?  Hallelujah was ten feet.  Thunder was nine feet and length.  With some effort Prayer could fit on a chosen eight foot canvas.

Not much to look at.  The first picture is usually the results of  an exercise in putting paint on canvas in a effort to cover up big chunks of whiteness.  The color theme of Cyan just seemed a natural fit with this music.

Even after a music theme is picked there is some reconsideration that occurs because this artist knows that there are many great pieces of music that he will never have the opportunity to interpret.  There is this feeling that only the best of the best should be a considered. But, it just does not work that way. It is like what is happening right now, listening to Cherish by the Association that just happen to play, and knowing that there is something about this music that reminds the artist of days gone by. It is about the mood of the artist.  It is about taking a walk and the music just comes up next, that puts it in the mind.  It is about hearing  the music done by a different artist that surprises. It is about finding a part of the music that fits on the canvas size that is chosen to be used next. And it is about finding just the right words that makes the work  come together.  The art does not care what music it is portraying, it only cares that it is interesting, and fits.

Scott Von Holzen