S_V_H The Heart of the Matter image1

Heart of the Matter is 30 inches by over 8.5 feet in length.   This is a better size.  The 2 by 6 foot canvases are on the small side.  It is only when you move up in size that you no longer can dominate the canvas.  The rules change as the size increases.

There is little logic to what is the picture above. The beginning process starts with a bad feelings when looking at a blank canvas.  What you see is the results of using  Burnt Sienna and  a tube of Liquitex Quin Red-Orange.  Since Heart of the Matter, is a slower, and a reflective song,  those starting color choices made some sense.  For some strange reason it just did not feel right to use a three inch roller. The speed of  that way of applying paint  just did not fit the mood of this work.  The material choice was a number of dry three inch brushes, with a change from the usual horizontal direction, to short separated vertical strokes. Nothing was planned ahead.  Once the quick verticals started it was decided to keep on going.

Listening to The Boxer – Paul Simon, a favorite towards the end of the college years.

So, where do we go from here?  Well if you need to know, there is a feeling to fill up some of those white areas, but first, maybe, some horizontal lines to see if what effects they will have.  Not sure color, but probably some blues or different  tints of browns?

Listening to The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979  Do not remember 1979, except living and working up in Northern Wisconsin, and at that time, my first attempt at being an artist, was surely, in the early stages of fading from the daily routine.

Joe Williams – That’s All

Wichita Lineman – Gen Campbell  a thoughtful musical piece.

Miles Davis – It’s Only A Paper Moon.

Billie Holiday – If The Moon Turns Green

The Decemberists – o’Valencia!   Nice beat.

Scott Von Holzen