S_V_H Heart of the Matter image5

The Heart of the Matter 3 panels 30 inches by just over 8 and one-half feet. The sketch on the left came quickly Sunday night.  The weekend was spent mostly away from art, except for late Friday afternoon into the early evening.  When the painting stopped what had been accomplished of the sketch, were two straight lines, full of empty ideas. When returning home the solution for the design of the eighth beat became apparent to where it now appears to be flowing over the next quarter beat.  What colors will be used is still undecided, but there is a thought to try and not to duplicate the beams.

Van Morrison – Domino

Someone To Watch Over Me – Renee Olstead.

Bach: concerto for 4 Harpsichords.

Jackson Browne – the softer version of The Pretender.

It should be said, color choices are an important consideration and challenge for this work. So much of this art is abstraction, meaning there is no real world to be compared with. Since this is an art that paints music, the challenge is to use colors to fit a mood.   Since this music is tied closely to a single artist, the background colors came from the  different shades of brown that formed the album cover.  When it came to adding the music, this artist could then not resist brightening up the canvas for contrast, and to reflect the strength and message of this song.

What has occurred since, although, are color decisions that are being made to try and bring the background and the music closer together. Part of that can be accomplished by re-working the background, especially the more emptier areas.  This will help to create interest, and pull the background  forward along the flow of the music, to improve the blend, the harmony and unity of the canvas.

The choice of one word was done for two reasons, the three syllables offer an opportunity in design, along with the fact that it sums up the meaning of this music. Not sure of the color choice for letters, but brown was out and so was anything that look anything like a blue green combo. This green does work for starters, but, as usual, the letters will need more shaping to make them stand out to better match the meaning of the word, forgiveness.

Listening to Words Fail You – Kris Delmhorst along with the Bee Gees – Stop, Sly & the Family Stone – I Want to Take You Higher and Adele – LoveSong

Bruce Springsteen – Terry’s Song

Scott Von Holzen