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The Christmas Song 24 inches by 6 feet. This is the 2011 Christmas painting so the approach to this work is more relaxed, less critical,  more decorative to match the season, and in this painting,through the colors and shapes, a work that celebrates the best music that just so happens to be heard only, in late November and December.

Listening to Wilson Phillips surprising version of the Beach Boys – In My Room.

The only thing that remains unchanged is that for the work to be considered successful the music must flow and the background needs to integrate with this movement to unite the work.   The sparse Chardin background actually works well with this Christmas music theme  because of the bright,broad flat colors, create a simply clean look.  It works.

To confirm if the artwork works, one method that is used is that when done for the night, I do not stand back and view the work one last time.  The work stops with last of the day’s efforts being ignored as the brushes are cleaned. The music, and the lights are turned off. The next morning, into the studio, with the lights coming up, and with a glance at the canvas it is obvious how the work is going.  A reason for with holding judgement has to do with the fact that these acrylic paints, although they appear to be dry to the touch fairly fast, in actuality their true depth of color only becomes apparent after a night of drying.  When standing in front of fresh work,  a short scan of the canvas quickly reveals  the obvious, whether the work is moving in the right directions.  Then without much, pre-thought of what needs to be done, or even what should be done, decisions are made and the day’s work begins. The art pushes forward.

Kid Rock – Cowboy

Maybe, there is something interesting that can be done with the note that starts this canvas, and the slur that ends this work.  Learning from and taking from Body and Soul’s Vermeer globes, a  thought is maybe spreading some circles around that first note and even tossing a few from it…… like snowflakes.  For for the slur, maybe reflecting the same efforts that where used in More Than You Know, will add interest and even more Christmas spunk to the work.  Just the right amount is all that is needed. The goal is keep this work clean, and vibrant.

The great one B.B King –  Outside Help

Aimee Mann – Backfire (an artist that has been a favorite for many years)

The Cars – My Best Friend’s Girl

John Coltrane – Too Young to Go Steady

Scott Von Holzen
[All the songs that are listed in these blogs, listen through a Bose system on a hand built computer, come form the collection gathered by this artist over the years.  I do not think there are any selections from eight track or cassette.  All of that music was repurchased, for this artist’s players have long since vanished]