S_V_H The Christmas Song image3

The Christmas song 24 inches by 6 feet. This a a likable  work. Those oblong  green colored objects,  in the above image that make up the beams, are based on the mistletoe shape. That idea is from this line in the music, “Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe.”  No, there will be no turkey images or any realistic images.  This art is about color, shapes, and music, and not about fine details.

Listening to a favorite Something to Believe In – Poison,  followed by the wonderful All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers.

In a effort to describe  an artworks progress the use of musical terms are used, like the word beam. This may help a few viewers, trained in music, to relate to the painting’s musical flow. In reality it probably does not make any difference to 99.95% of people what exactly they are looking at, and what this artwork represents.  Unlike a canvas of a landscape, a portrait,  a still life, and even an abstraction that fall into categories, this artwork is nothing less than E  or None of the above.  So, this artist’s thinking is that at first sight most people do not know what to think. Once they learn the work’s musical title, they may begin to see the musical flow as something other than an abstraction.  That they may have, or not have, a clue about a particular piece of music, or how that music is depicted may not be important to them. It is the viewers love of music that can redefine Category E into the artwork’s title, or in-other-words the hook.  Hopefully, this will pulled pull them in closer to investigate, to ask questions, and wonder.

Piano Man – Billy Joel

So to go from a likable wall covering to art could be in how good this artist is at musical interpretation: can he somehow paint what he feels? Can he make  a picture as unforgettable as the music it represents? Can he add that special feeling that reaches out to the viewer? Hum, all good questions for others to answer.

Bach – Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord, Adagio followed by the wow! of  Teddy The Toad – Count Basie

Concerto in G Minor for 2 Cellos, RV 531 a Vivaldi favorite.

Finishing this entry with Madonna – Heartbeat followed by The Cure – Lovesong.  Yum! Yum!

Scott Von Holzen