S_V_H The Christmas Song finalimage

The Christmas song Music Count is 175 plays dating from about November 18th to December 6th. Some of the favorites versions of The Christmas Song, in the order of most plays from over 20 different Artists:

Joe Williams
Nat King Cole
Mel Torme 3 versions  one specially enjoyed with Judy Garland
Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole
Diana Krall
Frank Sinatra
Also enjoyed where the voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Toni Braxton,  Christina Aquilera, and a surprisingly cover of The Christmas Song by Trace Adkins.

You would think that listening to the same words over and over again would strain the enjoyment of the music, but it does not.  It helps that there are a couple of instrumentals, for example by Glen Miller, but the song is just that good, and it lingers in the mind and heart.

This painting is clean looking and that fits well with the Christmas theme.  The feature of the round snow flakes works well helping to move the music across the canvas to where one flake dots the “i” on the word Christmas.  The far right Tie feature worked out well, and is part of the evolution of the last few paintings. The difference in this work is the softening of the tie to blend better with the rest of the canvas.  Of course, the use of  a number of iridescent colors,  including gold, silver, and  bronze, fits with Christmas.  All-in-all this may be the best of all the Christmas works, so far.  A larger version of this music will be uploaded to www.scottvonholzen.com over the weekend.

Next year’s music has been booked marked.  It is is another great classic Christmas song, sung by a group of outstanding Artists. The clue is that the word “Christmas,” is a part of the title.

Tonight a two panel 30 inches by 80 canvas is being prepped for the next artwork,………. Blackbird by the Beatles.

Scott Von Holzen  Listening to Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song