S_V_H Blackbird image1

Blackbird 30 inches by 80 inches, 2 panels.  A hundred years from now, especially children, will be singing the music of the Beatles, not knowing who they once where.  Hopefully, Blackbird from their White Album, will be one of those standards that survive time.

This is the base after a couple of days of work, over the weekend.  The dark bands of color are not black, but Paynes Gray (a gray that is dark and bluish in color).  The starting guide for color choices,  was that of a Blackbird with it’s blue-indigo plumage, and purplish head.

Interestingly I did not know Neil Diamond covered Stagger Lee, the song Pop classic by Lloyd Price.

The two upper middle bands, one Mars Violet Deep above the other Red Iron Oxide, where chosen for their added  interest, contrast and earthy appearance.

Bridge Over Troubled Water –  Simon & Garfunkel

The next step is to draw in the music,  nudging it here and there in the effort to make it fit. That may become the issue, for there was the requirement of a wider canvas to cover the range of the music, but  there was also a resistance to add a third panel to better accommodate the flow of this music.   There is a chance that a middle panel may have to be added.

Ending this blog entry with Chopin Prelude #6 in B Minor, Op. 28/6

Scott Von Holzen