S_V_H Blackbird image 2,3&4

Blackbird 2 panel 30 inches by 80 inches. Image two was taken on Tuesday.  Image 3 on Saturday, while image 4 was taken a few minutes ago. We are just trying this ‘Gallery’ idea when displaying multiple images.

The words chosen for this music are strong.  When a song has words, their meaning in the music and the need to find an alternate meaning for those same words in the painting, is absolutely  necessary to close the deal.  As it has always been, it all starts with the music, but ends with the art.

This music is about picking up the pieces and moving forward.  But it is done in a way that reminds one of a nursery song. That is why this music by the Beatles is so appealing to many people.  The problem, this artist had starting Tuesday night, was how do you paint a story about a blackbird without it being to dark, or to moody.  It took a number of days and a complete repaint of the circles to finally move this canvas forward.

The adjusted plan is to pick the right colors, to better balance the look of the art with that of the music.  At less that is the no plan, plan.  A blackbird is black, but this artist has never used the color black in any of the works. Besides, it is not easy for this artist to paint a dark image painting.  It is not that a limited pallet from the dark side, would not work.  But what happens, every time, is that dark colors work to a point, till this artist needs something to pop the work. After that, the mood of the canvas shifts.  We will see what the two Ties and a Slur, still to be added will look like.  For I see in those additions the best chance to grab this work and shake it loose.

Listening to The Who – My Generation, a two star music choice.

There is still work to be done with the circles, for doubts linger if they are projecting a convincing portrait of the music.  Maybe a few Van Gogh crows like in his Wheatfield with Crows, would be the answer.  No, just kidding.

Scott Von Holzen

Side comments:
There are in this artist music collection, 12,097 songs and thousands more that have not been transferred from CD to digital.  Of all that music, currently there are only 143 of those that are tagged as 3 star music: the best  that must be heard.  Of those 143 there are only 9 that are four stars.  Of those nine there are currently only 2 that are five star.  Those two are a live recording of Bruce Springsteen, on piano, singing Thunder Road, and Vivaldi’s The Four Season, “Winter”:Allegro Non Molto.

Late Friday night: It is hard to stop the music and to leave the studio. Just one more: listening to  Shawn Colvin a 3 star I’ll Be Back.  One more than that is it for tonight.  This is a Man’s World by Inga Rumpf & Friends, 3 star.