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Eine Kleinie Nachtmusik in English is, of course, A Little Night Music. This artwork has been worked on, and painted on, for the most part in the night time, fitting its title. If this image looks somewhat  scruffy it is mostly do the the drawing in of all the slurs that this artwork is representing in its own interesting way.  In the real world of music slurs or just OK to look at,  but they are too boring for this artist to leave alone.  These slurs look like fireworks bursting across the canvas in a left to right movements helping to push the music across the surface.  No idea of what will be their background color scheme.  That is left to the mind to sort through the options and let it be known tomorrow what ideas it has.  I do not always follow its suggestions but at less the preliminary work gets done.

The beams are not finished either, but they are looking strong and for now time is been given to them to see how they settle in with the rest of the artwork.  I see mostly fine tuning and maybe a splash of a bright color here and there to give them a little more of a beat.

Listening to Tori Amos – Way down  followed by Patty Griffin – Burgundy Shoes on Pandora.

In this studio there hangs the paintings: Imagine, Hallelujah, Thunder Road and the Vivaldi from this summer.  Scattered around the room for inspiration are the works, Baby Love, It’s A Man’s World, More Than you Know, I Call your Name, and the great Body and Soul.  At times the artworks, propped up here and there, are in the way, but I need them close.  It helps.  They are the reason to keep painting.

Finishing this blog with Van Morrison – Reminds Me Of You  followed by Johnny Hartman – Ain’t Misbehavin’

Scott Von Holzen

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  1. Wow! You weren’t kidding about painting music. Your site is awesome. I suppose you know Stuart Davis’s work eh? Keep it up!


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