S_V_H Serenade No.13 for Strings in G image4


Mozart Eine Kleinie Nachtmusik, K.525 Romanze Andante.   That is mouth full. Go here at YouTube to actually hear this music played by some very interesting and talented fellows. Again the images are somewhat brighter than reality.  The brightness is nice, but again a little too florescent.

Listening to Susan Tedeschi – Just Won’t Burn

There is a feeling that something is happening here with this artwork: that a very large door is opening up, and this artist is going to step through it. Before getting there this canvas has demonstrated that there is still this learning curve with the mixing of colors, to achieve the desired effects of depth and color.  More art classes would have surely help, but that time has past. For now on we will learn by doing, and doing again, and still, not satisfied, so doing it again, until it sinks in.  It is what it is. No one said this would be easy. I am sure even Mozart,  and Picasso had there moments when they had no clue what they were doing.

Listening to The Notorious MSG – Chinatown Hustler.

Still,  not happy with the two side brown areas, for they seem boring and lack interest.  The middle orange section has just been worked on to increase it’s intensity to try and match the photos, which seems like a strange idea. Later tonight work will begin on the beams and slurs where the fun will be.

Listening to Tony Bennett – The Way You Look Tonight.

Scott Von Holzen