S_V_H Serenade No.13 for Strings in G image3

Mozart ‘s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525 Romanze Andate, 5 panels  33 inches by 123 inches. The Photoshop job to replace the background along the top and right edge could use some refining, but this does not lessen the value of the additional two small panels.

These panels accomplishes three things: they give the work a sculptured 3 dimensional look, that also gives the artist new ways to emphasize the diversity in the music. Thirdly, and maybe the best of all reasons for adding panels on top of panels, is that it frees this artist  completely from the restraints of limited canvases sizes. Now, instead of fitting the music to the available canvas, the canvases will be chosen to fit the needs of the music.

What you see above is the drawing in of the flow of this great Mozart piece. Next up is the choice of head and stem color and hopefully some other new techniques to make this the standard for 2012. I am feeling a lossening up of the technique and colors.  This may be because of the viewing of the works of Sean Scully,  and maybe it has to do a little with the curiosity of Basquiat. It is hard to tell, but this direction is a good feeling for this artist.  We shall see.

Scott Von Holzen