S_V_H Serenade No. 13 for Strings in G image2

Mozart’s K.525 Romanze Andante, 3 panel 30 inches by 10 feet.  For now this is the completed background, which is an abstraction artwork of its own  The goal of every painting is that each work is actually two artworks: an abstract background and the depiction of the flow of a particular piece of music.  It is hoped that together the two makes the one exceptional.

The finish of the background is  rough and with more contrast in shades.  The purpose of that is to keep the background interesting, as large parts of it are going to be covered by the music.  The thinking is that once the music is applied there will be a return to the background to give back some of the life taken away by the music, and to unite the two.

Listening to The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel

The best part about this work is its breaking with the previous paintings.  The desire is to keep heading in this direction,  and to not to return to the tried and proven.  This art needs to grow a lot before it is worth a second look, and this is the understanding that keeps pushing this artist, into the future.  It is the universal desire to know one self,  to see if there just may be something there, that can expose the real heart of the matter and your purpose in life.  Hum, good luck on that.

Listening to Crash Into Me – Debbie Comer

Next up is the drawing in of the music which should be done later on tonight.

Of note,  the movie Basquiat directed by Julian Schnabel was interesting and entertaining, but at times it seems unrealistic.  A better insight into the artist, is the documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. Although Jean-Michel art has yet to make an impact on this artist;  he surely was an amazing talent, exceptional at the art of self promotion, living in the center of the art world, New York, and of course, a close friend of Andy Warhol. Wow, Basquiat was truly the artist in the right place at the right time.

Scott Von Holzen