S_V_H Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major, image1

Mozart, “a little serenade”  Eine Kleinie Nachtmusik, K.525 Romanze Andante, 3 panels 30 inches by 10 feet. The inspiration for this base comes from Sean Scully and this particular work titled Yellow Seal.  The reproduction above is a little bright and the reproduction from the link and in his book, Sean Scully A Retrospective, are both quite different.  In reality it does not make that much different what colors the inspiration is, for what is put down on this canvas is its own expression.  My paint is different from his paint; my hand is different from his.

Sean Scully influence comes from his works before the year 2000.  It is amazing scrolling through the images of his art  just how many paintings this man has done.  This artist currently completes a dozen or so canvases in a year.  Looking through Sean Scully’s works, the thought is that so many of his works are similar, one after another, day after day, after month. You wonder how much feeling or meaning does he put into his efforts.  Of course, the amount of  time put in a artwork does not, in any way, decide its value.  Some days Van Gogh would complete 3 or 4 works, which are all worth a great amount of money, today; but you kinda-of-gotta-wonder what is any artist driving force, and maybe that can help to decide the artworks worth.  Maybe, and then again time nor effort may have little play in the real worlds evaluation of art.

This first image, of the unfinished base, is quite different from the previous works from 2011.  It is a departure in color brought on by this artist exhaustion with blue and green. What is being attempted here is to reach of a goal this artist wants to achieve: creating a artwork, that is the background, that stands on its own. The music flow of the little serenade, is the second artwork to be attempted.  The success is in bringing these two seperate artworks together to the music of Mozart. We shall see.

Scott Von Holzen