S_V_H BlackBird final image

This is the final image for BlackBird, 30inches by 6 feet.  The color reproduction is not the best representation of this painting: the darks are not dark enough and  it leans to the red side of the spectrum. Will pull out the flashes the umbrellas and try it again some slow January day and do a better job with the next finished work, and then I will re-shoot this interesting work.

This artist has mixed emotions over this work.  With the Holidays and a personnel health issue I have been somewhat distracted, and drifting.  In the end a work ends  at the right time, no matter the expectations of the artist.  There is no outstanding features with this work, although the ties and those two flowing notes above are quite appealing.  The thought is to take this canvas into work to exchange out, a previous display, in the office of the person that bought a previous work. Not sure the logic of why of  this other than he would appreciate it, and it gets this art out of the basement.

Don Henley – The End of The Innocence

Also, this work is going to a the signature piece to be email to a local art museum curator of  exhibitions. Two years ago, around this time, I sent him a Christmas card and a CD with images, and asked for his opinion. He was nice, when I contacted him again, and he then responded.  Basically, what he offered were musical painting examples to follow,  interesting, but  no helped in anyway: been there, done that.  If and when he is contacted again, he will at less see that this artist is focused and determined if nothing  else.  There will be nothing else to come out of this contact, that is for sure.  But it is known, that being totally unknown, is not a good thing for any artist.  So, any contacts with those in the establish art world is not a bad idea, no matter how this artist appears to be shying away from them.  Know this, this artist comes from a strong salesperson family. I know what efforts need to be done to get this work out, but doubts linger, and so the process is excruciatingly slow.

Listening to Don McLean American Pie

Priming a 3 panel 10 feet canvas to paint Mozart’s Eine Kleinie Nachtmusik, Romanze Andate.    A long time a go another work was done from the Allegro part.  There is hope in new ideas, and frustrations that need to be dispersed,  that may make this is a strong work, that pushes this art hard forward.

Scott Von Holzen

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