S_V_H The Pretender final image

The final image of The Pretender from the music by Jackson Browne.  This first thing that is noticed is how small this painting is to those canvases that are around it.   The second perception is how strong this work stands, and how easily it makes its presence apparent in the room.  Obviously, it is the addition of the three other canvases that feel to be well placed, well balanced, and together add interest and uniqueness to the work. Although far from perfect, this artist never strives long for perfection.  Artistic perfection is a journey, a quest, an adventure, but never the goal.

Again, the colors appear, a little strong on my monitor, but a lot has to do with lighting, and this image is as close to reality as time an effort permit. Another thing that is wondered about with this type of work is how do you frame them.  I believe, to stabilize an artwork over time, a good frame is important, and yet, look at the challenge.  The thought is that someday to frame the main canvas and do cut outs around the three smaller attached pieces. Since the smaller canvases are fairly heavy and well constructed, they will probably maintain their shape well into the future, if the main canvas is well framed.

This work comes off well.  The words used can relate to the music, but they also can have many different meanings to the viewer.  The colors are varied and interesting, and they seem to all work well together, and with the music.  The work flows nicely from left to right with a soft beginning and a dynamic ending.

Now, next up is a very, very large project.  What this artist needs to do to make his statement is that is going to be attempted next.  This artist plans on over the next couple of years to do  Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.  All twelve parts will be done on thirteen canvases starting with Summer RV 315, part 1, the first minute or so, of the Allegro non molto, which is the thirteenth work. This part of part one of Summer, just feels right to do as a separate work, especially considering how different it is from the rest of the Allegro. I do understand that there is a huge amount of knowledge that has to be learned about Vivaldi and this music, but for now I am going by this artist rules, until future knowledge says else wise

Then when all the pieces of The Four Seasons are completed, and framed, the thought is to put them on exhibition.  The plan, right now, is to put each Season in its own area and have the music playing in the background to match. The location for the first display will probably be here, where I live, and then hopefully we can go on the road, maybe to Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

We shall see.  Right now this is all only a dream.  Not a single thing as been accomplished so far, besides the birth of an idea. There will be many obstacles, and not just time and money. We will all learn what this artist is made of.

Thanks, to all of you that have commented and click the Like button.  We are on our way.

Scott Von Holzen