S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons(Spring)” Largo image3

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Spring Largo about 120 inches (3m) long  and for the most part 24 inches wide.   The Italian words chosen from Vivalidi’s Spring sonnet are, “the pleasant flowery meadow,” using Google translator.  Other translations include “On the flower-strewn meadow,”  “..the meadow, in full flower,”  and “…the flower-rich meadow.”  You have the choice to pick your favorite.  Anyway, since these sonnets are almost 300 years old, and languages change in meanings over the years, who really knows what the correct English translation should be?

Listening to Beethoven’s Piano Concerto # 5.

It is obvious that the different colors around this music represent the flowers.  Another couple of things, the flowery stems of violet and dark purple, are made longer than the usual.  This was done to slow the music down.  Also, these dark purple circles inside the flowers are there to slow the music.

Otis Redding – I’ve Been Loving You to Long.  A great classic R&B song.

One interesting note is that this main canvas is composed of a four foot piece attached to a 6 foot piece.  In the past all multiple canvases have been composed of the same sizes, or part of a combine with a smaller center piece.  The surprise was the first time this work was moved in order to be photographed, how out-of-balance it felt with the four foot left side carrying all the weight. With that thought it mind,  the final decision to use only a sixteen inch by forty-four inch canvas, attached to the light six foot, made sense not only in a musical  but also an architectural way.

Prince – Purple Rain

Even though the background is done for now, there is going to be some changes, too boring, to improve this works originality.  Also, you see looking at the full image, that the drawing above the two yellow flowers, which symbolizes a musical tie, is heading in a new direction.  That is happening because, this artist hates, and fears, the routine, and each of these works demand, in their own right,  originality. What will be seen with each of these Vivaldi works is a gradual maturing of an artistic understanding, and the evolution of the depiction of his music.

James Brown – Get Up Offa That Thing

Shirley Horn – If You Go Away.  A classic that should be heard more often.

Scott Von Holzen