S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons(Spring)” Largo image4

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons RV 269 122 inches (3m) in length, and the second in the 13 part series that celebrates these four concertos.  Link  HERE and at the 25 second mark the painting follows the flow of the music.  It has always been felt that when viewing this art that there should be music present, and turned up.   For sure,  the music can survive  without this art, but I can say without doubt, that this art needs music to be appreciated, and to be connected.

Tab Benoit – Drownin’ on Dry Land

Listening to Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hooray

Duke Ellington w/ Ella Fitzgerald – Satin Doll

The Art Deco lines, seen in the above images,  are something new.  They are, the  result of a felt need, to move away from the tried and proven style for representing a  musical Tie, that can be seen in Summer Allegro non molto.  Also, in those ties the continuing influence of Sean Scully, for example,  can be seen.  But now looking at them there has been a change in thought.  In some way, could it be possible to  Rothko those  boxy blue rectangle,s that are supporting and enhancing those ties, or at less soften them to better match the mood of this music.

Canned Heat – On the Road Again, a classic favorite.

The Funk Brothers – You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me.

The words need to be punched up somewhat, and so does the overall green background look, that has become somewhat common.  Since the backgrounds purpose is to do more than be an abstract painting, that sets the mood for the music,  it would nice to find a better, stronger, more creative, and original style.  There is a lot of discovery to be done.  The original ideas for the backgrounds came from the influences of Rothko, but little of that is being seen here. There is the need to take another look at Rothko and other artists like Hans Hartung, for example. For now the thought is do something with the large rectangle that holds the words.   A change here would pop the message, and strengthen the bottom part of this artwork that now appears to be top heavy.

Listening to Patty Griffin – Peter Pan

Shakin’ Stevens – Hot Dog

Scott Von Holzen