S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons – Summer-adagio” image3

Vivaldi twelve feet in length.  The first photo taken with two White Lighting flashes, using white shoot through umbrellas bounced off the studio ceiling. No matter how I worked the image in Photoshop the orange, used in the above upper images, appears red in color.  It is difficult to duplicate the shades of acrylic paint, and  frustrating  with the amount of time lost, trying to fix the image.  A good likeness for the Cloud that compares well with the artwork will always be a challenge.

The next move was to take the painting outside, and place it in the shade. Looking at this second image there is a difference: the orange is actually orange.  Although both of these images where shot RAW and adjusted, there is something about that huge natural light source that has its advantages.

This video certainly is interesting, in its imperfections, and spontaneity.  The canon 7D  made this video in one take.  Can you tell.  There is only one way to go from here and I really do hope you check back whether you “appreciate” the effort or not.

Listening to Smokin’ Joe Kubek – I Saw It Coming

This is certainly an odd-shaped painting.  Notice that little 4 by 4inch canvas on the left top that depicts that one high note.  Here is another video for this music. The painting comes into play at about 1:25 seconds into the music, and is the third rumble.

The Birthday painting on this last Tuesday, and the continuing business at work, did drained me throughout the rest of the week.  I will get back on track slowly on Monday, and gain momentum on this fourth in a series of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons,  as the week progresses.  That is usually how it works.

Some Final Thoughts on the Birthday painting:
The painting will be strung and taken to work for display.  Not much will come of that, but at less an artwork moves out the door. I do not see the Birthday painting as that creative of a piece. The thought was that since everything goes so much faster, on that one day,  that the opportunity to get crazy with new ideas, would just happen.  It did not happen.  Instead this years Birthday painting turned out as a continuation of last years Van Gogh Birthday painting. It is what it is.

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Listening to Delbert McClinton – I’ve Got Dreams To Remember

Watt Ever – Phil Keaggy

Chic – Le Freak

Scott Von Holzen