S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons – Summer-adagio” image4

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Summer – adagio,  painting number four of  thirteen needed to complete this series. This artwork consists of 5 canvases with a total length of 12 feet (3.66m).

This painting is coming along, slowly, and will reach a month of work in two more days. This project is similar to the last Autumn piece.  A regret is that taking this long of time to complete a work, at times, can  take a toll on enthusiasm and concentration. Still, I have not found a way or the need to round the corners. Surprisingly, the need to complete this series has not diminished. It is as if Time does not matter, at less when painting Vivaldi.

Listening to Pearl Jam – Gone

Bill Evans – Young And Foolish

Next up is there are four eighth notes, represented in music as this symbol.

Unlike the Birthday painting that also had eighth notes, this time, the search is on to find a new way to depict them.  Of course that will take extra time.

Listening to Red Vines – Aimee Mann

Electric Light Orchestra – Rock And Roll is King

Seal – Don’t Cry

Scott Von Holzen