S_V_H Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons – Summer- adagio” image5

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons 5 panels,  12 feet in length.  I have completed the main features of this painting.  The efforts now will be on sharpening the edges, improving contrast and  the intensity,  a lot of cleanup, and improving the color and improving the flow.  The background will need some rework to pop-it, and to add interest.   When  talking flow I am referring to the music, which moves across the canvas from left to right.  Every artwork strives to display motion.

The inspiration for these 4 eighth notes, comes from the work of Leo Valledor.  Here is a link to a gallery with some nice examples of his hard edge abstractions. It has been a challenge come up with  designs  for interesting eighth notes.  The last successful depiction of them appeared in the painting Body & Soul from November 2011.  The just completed 2012 Birthday painting shows just how out-of- ideas this artist had to represent the eighth note.

In this work, I needed to finally move beyond Body & Soul.  We  do see this in the triangles, and curved shapes, that make up those four eighth notes.  They remind me of different types of sails attached to the masts of the notes, catching a strong wind.  Although, the look in Body & Soul  works the use of the circle in those eighth notes does resemble other objects in that painting. In this work every part now has its own, style, that will surely evolve.  I should mention that I have fond memories of sailing,  a long time ago, on Lake Mendota in Madison. Little did I know that they would end up being depicted in an artwork.  Doing so feels good.

Listening to Rag Doll – The Four Seasons.  I cannot believe I still like this song. Maybe, it is because I remember this song playing at a  dance when I was maybe 16 or 17 years old.

Stop (Think Again) by the Bee Gees.  What is going on here?

Michael Jackson – Blood On The Dance Floor.

A very mature Sara Vaughn in a nice version of My FunnyValentine  along with one of my favorite County Songs (rare) Unfulfilled by Jessi Alexander

Prince – Purple Rain

Little Bombs – Aimee Mann

Vivaldi – Concerto Grosso In G Minor RV578

Scott Von Holzen