S_V_H Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Autumn – allegro image5

This is image 5 of this prolong task of creating a painting of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Autumn – Allegro. The larger image is another attempt at Photomerge using Photoshop.  The technique is improving, but for now, only good as a snapshot image.

The words of this work are ” Celebra il Vilanel con balli e Canti.”  Which roughly means “The country-folk celebrate, with dance and song.” You can see the beginnings of the words ‘Vilanel’ and ‘con’ in the image above.  The words are boxed in to give them their own style, to help them stand out, but also to fit with the color scheme across the bottom of this artwork.  When I use the words ‘own style”, that is a part of the philosophy of this art.  The short explanation is that all the major painted elements of an artwork are painted in ways to best set each a part from the rest. Of course, it all works together, but that does not have to mean blend together.  Every artwork grows from the last, but demands its own identity.  It has always been that way.

Now, I would like to explain the two other major elements of change in this painting.  The first are those large dark notes.  There are six groups of these notes.  The reason they are darker, slightly larger, and painted with less detail,  is that these notes  represent the slowing down of the movement in this artwork, as they do in the music.  Of course the  music tempo is quite fast, notice the comets inside the notes that spin the music,  and since these dark notes represent eighth notes the amount of pausing,  is real, but barely noticeable.

The other addition to this work is all those colorful squares that goes every which way.  Again, they are seeking their own look, different from the upper and lowing sections of this artwork, where you see  squares and rectangle, that represent  fall colors.  In the middle the color choice was anything but the natural colors of fall, and the images work with the rest of the work, but do more than just that.  All those colorful shapes help to hide the boring background, and work will with the music to help keep up the fast pace of this six seconds of Vivaldi’s great music.

This artwork has gone way over its normal time for completion, because of  my obsession with the Music Theory class I am taking, and the fact that on Monday is the Midterm exam.  Although, I like the class, and like atmosphere of learning from a good Teacher, and the other students, it is taking its toll on me.   I did not realize that I would being taking this course so seriously.  After some deliberation I realized that I have no other choice  but to see it through to December 20th.  I have taken my passion for this Art and put it to good use in my studies, for now.

Scott Von Holzen