S_V_H Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Autumn – allegro Final image

Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Autumn Allegro RV 293.  Finally, a final image.  This took forever.  I am glad to move on. The truth is I have no other choice, because of the approach of Christmas, and the need to paint this years Christmas song.  Each Christmas time  I paint a song that is then photographed, printed on canvas, and sent out in this years 2012 Christmas card to all those who have purchased an Artwork, a few friends and family.

The following video sums up a lot of my feelings about this work.  Although fairly raw, this video clearly demonstrates my need to learn how to stay on camera, and to practice out loud the art of speaking the English language.  Time will improve all that, that is for sure.

The photography I did outside  in the shade on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon in the crisp North land.  It is kind-of-nice to take your work outside, it puts things in a different perspective.  One thing,  made obvious with this last work, is that the growth in this Art has been too slow. A lot of that lost time is because of my working for the Man.  Soon, it will be time to take that jump.  I am thankful that I will  have this opportunity that many do not.  Still, to do it will take  courage, that at this point the financial risk  makes that seem risky.  Although, I do not know how real the word risk is, I do know that the word soon is a nagging adverb.

Back to Vivaldi’s Autumn Allegro, the only parts that disappoint me are the background and the beams of the music.  When it comes to the background, the style I am using to paint them is boring. In the past I have done better.   I need to figure out someway of applying acrylic paint that does not create a static background.  I have done this in the past, so maybe it is time to take a second look. The other disappointing part of this work is my handling of the beams ( those long rectangles that form the base of the music).  I need to break some new art ground and like the background find my own way.

That brings me to the Birthday paintings.  The use of a pallet knife, to create square patterns of multiple colors to build the background image, reminds me of Van Gogh and his use of  flowing multiple brush strokes.   Those elongated  brush marks  flowed across this works, which is not happening with my little squares.  I am wondering if I can developed a similar technique.  With music, the subject of this art, the kicking of the background across the canvas is a must.  The problem, so far, when creating backgrounds that move is the layering of paint, which creates a rough effect that is quite dramatic, but shows through to the music layer.  This is not what I want.  I want the music to float, over the background untouched.  So far that has not been accomplished.  Take a look at this artwork and you can see in the those light violet not heads the background poking through.

Listening to:  Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Chopin Nocturne # 18 in E

The Eagles – Train Leaves Here This Morning

I Need You – Tim McGraw

Wow, I started this artwork on August 23rd.  I cannot believe it took this long.  The Music Class and the size of this work is much of that, but still I cannot continue on that pace.  Now, I have a blank six-foot canvas sitting on the ease.  It looks so small, and so limited, but I can work on that. A fresh start is long overdue.  Time to let loose.

Iron & Wine – Free Until They Cut Me Down

Mozart, Symphony #29 K 201 Allegro Moderato

Antonio Vivaldi Summer Allegro Non Molto

You Learn – Alanis Morissette

Scott Von Holzen

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