S_V_H Let It Snow image 2


Let it Snow 76 inches with a maximum height of 29 inches.  This is just a quick update and a snapshot of this years Christmas 2012 painting.  I am not sure I will be able to complete this artwork, photograph it, attach a canvas image to the Christmas Card, and get them delivered all before the 25th.

Progress lately has shown some potential, and I do have a couple of ideas to try.  I see a lot of snowflakes and I believe I may decorate the notes to appear like Christmas tree bulbs. It may work, it is Christmas, so I allow myself more style leeway with this one work.

There is an earlier image of this work, not shown, where I attached some removable circles, so that I could protect the surface under the notes from the background.  It was just a test,  but if I can find the right sticky material, this technique has potential, especially if that backgrounds are heavily painted.

So far I like the two different colors themes that are going on in this work.  I see the background using reds and greens, while I see the music painted in a pastel palate.   That should make for good contrast between the background and the music, and yet the gold of the background will hold the entire work together.

It is funny, when I look back at earlier Christmas works, to see the style and techniques used, they really do not help that much.  You would think, but my overall style has changed in a year. What you are gong to see in this work is the results of this art for 2012. Even more so then this years Birthday painting which I feel did not move forward enough.

What is the deal with WordPress embedding my larger image in the webpage. You are not seeing the full size that I have up loaded. I will have to find a work around, but until then this is all you get.

Scott Von Holzen