S_V_H Let It Snow final image


Let it Snow 2012’s Christmas painting.  This artwork consists of five panels with a length of 76 inches (1.93m) by a max height of 28.75 inches. What came to mind when I was rushing to get this work completed, was that this Christmas work represents the style of 2012.  When I look back at the earlier years Christmas works I see a lot of changes have occur between the years.  That is something you do not see in the Birthday paintings.  Those are also unique works, but because of the time constraints I tend to take the style path of least resistance. But with the Christmas painting I have the time to show what I have learned for the year, and it shows with each years work.

With this years Christmas artwork you actually see some style uniqueness that will probably be carried forward.  Examples are the snowflakes and how they have evolved.  Last years Christmas work you did see the first use of snowflakes, but this year they have been greatly enhanced and stylized.  I did not think I had another option with a title like Let It Snow.  The stripping which can represent a staff in music, reflects not only what I did in other works from this year, but it also, by accident, created some extra motion in that the angle stripping  appears to vibrate to the eye.  This I find  interesting. I will try this idea in future works to see what options exist to create that all important sense of motion across the canvas. The extensive use of shading on those blue circles, that represent the music notes, to create a rolling look work well with this work and that is something that will show up more in next years projects.  Lastly, the design of the beams, two of which you can see above, are quite interesting, and unique to my style.  In the past the beams have been stubbornly static and boring rectangles. Fragmenting them help somewhat, but at times they can lose structure, but in this work you see the motion in an object that is  and a lot more

Next up is another Vivaldi work. It is cold here, so I am thinking the third movement of Winter, but I have not decided that. This has been a busy end of the year, and this blog entry finally allows me to feel that I have caught up.  I see 2013 as the year to watch. I would like to thank  everyone that linked to this blog.  Although the main purpose of this blog site is the history of this art, it  is nice to know others, find some interest in what is going on here.

Scott Von Holzen