S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Winter Largo image2


Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Winter – Largo. This work not has 10 panels and is just over 15 feet in length.  What I did find interesting about the progress of this work, is the idea that each panel can have a unique style.  Of course all the panels do work together, which is important in that they support the musical theme which flows across the entire work. The beams in the past appeared as simple rectangles with patterns of colors, or as pieces from a rectangle scattered about, or even left out of the picture.  In this work they are now being portrayed in a far more interesting way.

With a good start learned from The Christmas Painting of 2012, the beams now are adding a dramatic movement to the artwork.  As said many times before, the feeling of motion is a must in these artworks. So, if you look at the beams you can still make out parts of the original rectangles, in Prussian Blue, so there still is structure; but then over them comes the curving figures, that add interest and motion that just was not there in the past.  This is good approach that offers lots of options for future works.


As for the CloseUP view, you can see how sketchy the artwork appears at this stage.  In the final week of this work, I will spend a lot of time cleaning up edges, filling in the gaps and giving the entire work a cleaner look.  Actually, getting to that finished look, still surprises me, in how much difference that does make in the overall feeling to the painting. It is only getting to that looked that I know it is time to move on.

I think that a video is useful in portraying  the Artist and his connection to the Artwork.

Scott Von Holzen