S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Winter Largo image3


Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Winter Largo.  This artwork consists of ten canvases.  I would like to expand on the included video about the growing individuality of each attached canvas.  You have seen this style  show up in earlier works including this years Christmas painting, and now it is being deliberately done, in Winter Largo.  It is with Winter Largo  where I see the possibilities of using this technique  coming into clear focus. The idea is simple, let each separate canvas have a look that is different from the other attached canvases, and yet still share some features that keep the artwork together. Like a song being preformed differently because of the uniqueness of the artist, now these artworks can finally depict this versatility. This also helps to  release me from the boredom of the limitations of color and acrylic paints.

In past works I felt I had no other choice but to paint the same basic look across the entire work no matter the number of attached canvases.  In order to create something fresh,  I have tried different  applications and removal techniques, using different types of brushes and knives, to spread the paint around the entire work. In the end I mostly accomplished the covering up of much of  the white of the primed canvas. In that reality the major purpose and function of a background was to build an environment that contrasted with the music. That thinking , hopefully is changing, with backgrounds that are interesting and varied to look at, and that may challenge the look of the music, or the view of the artwork .  This door is wide open, hopefully it is real, and that I can step even further through it.

This is a CloseUP of those little pieces of music that are floating about.