S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Summer Allegro image 2


This is Image 2 for Antonio Vivaldi’s  The Four Seasons Summer Allegro. So far this artwork consists of 9 canvases with a total length of 184 inches, just over 15 feet.  All you are seeing is the base coat of paint, to give me an idea of what 15 feet of color looks like.  This first coat background is rough with lots of shading to start the process of representing the up and coming winds that begin is this movement music. Next up is more work on the base.

I am looking at  Winter Largo , and  would like to bring back the color stripping that work so well in that work.  The panel, I think I will go at first, is the largest canvas which is 3 feet by 4 feet.  I would like to see a mix of stripe boxes to create interest and depth to the base. Right now I am not worried about the colors of the music.  The background phase of this art has become more interesting these last few months, and I plan to greatly strengthen this one.  A solid interesting background is going to force me to step up and put down music that rises to the challenge, and does not get lost in the colors.  This was what I had to do in the last work, because of the color diversity of the backgrounds.

Those four red panels are already a stand out parts of this work. These panels each will each consists of one note with a rest. But what makes these four notes interesting is that each of them is a musical trill .  Like I have said this music is the sound of a bird and those trills keep this 8 to 10 seconds of music tight.

Scott Von Holzen