S_V_H 2013 Birthday Painting Contest. You’ve got nothing to lose.

For several years, on my Birthday, I have painted a new piece of music.   I start, and finish  that artwork all in one day.  This year’s Birthday is on Wednesday,  July 31st, and once again I need to pick a piece of music to paint.

For 2013 there is the option to vote, up to three times, for these four songs that are  in my paintings-to-do queue. They are my choices for this years Birthday painting.   Another option is that you can suggest a different piece of music, that should include a YouTube video link.  I will then post it on this blog site for others to see,  and to vote for.  Your choice gets an extra vote for being an alternative musical selection.

I am The Walrus:

I discovered rock and roll when I first heard the Beatles.  I grew up with them from early high school through college graduation, when they broke up.  The Beetles are still my favorite band.  Almost 50 years later it is remarkable how much of their music I still hear and play today.

As for The Walrus, I like this song, although I never understood, nor ever cared to understand the lyrics: it is more about the sound. But, what brought this Beatles song to the top of my to-do-list was the band Styx, and their cover of it.  At first I thought it was John Lennon singing. I wish it had been him.  Still, this version is the best of any cover, and in many ways reaches out further.   This great Beatles song reflects much of the character of a band that once upon a time was the only music in Madison.  Play both versions LOUD. The end of the Styx version it is extraordinarily powerful.

Silent all These Years:

Live version:

What can I say way back when I was doing large photographic enlargements for a living, a met a younger girl who worked in the laminating department, who dressed like she was a throw back to the sixties, drove a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, and loved Tori Amos.  Way back then I did not think to much of her music choices including Tori,   because I thought she sang a lot about women’s body parts.  Now, years later, I wish I could thank her for that introduction, but I cannot even remember her name.  Tori Amos is near the top of my favorite female artists.  She is in the same league  with the likes of Billie Holiday, the older Sarah Vaughn, Bonnie Raitt, and Janis Joplin.

Stairway to Heaven:

Live version:

I grew up not being a fan of Led Zeppelin, I was a Beatles guy.  It wasn’t tell after the Beatles were long gone that I started to regret missing out on this band when their music, like me, where both young, and so freshly pressed.

Something to Believe in:

Live version:

I was never a fan of Poison and cared nothing for their music until one night. Back in the days when my wife and I managed a motel up in Northern Wisconsin a large group of guys from Ohio stayed every year with us. One winter they where up for a week to snowmobile.  After a few days of cursing the snow, a group of the boys decided that they were going to take the van and go North to a strip joint.  They needed a designated driver.  I gladly excepted the task to drive there van, safely there and back.

I had a wonderful time, and I have a picture, somewhere to prove it.  It cost them five dollars for the Polaroid.   One of that nights best memories was a performance by a very attractive entertainer.  I particularly remember one part of her dance when she got down on all fours and crawled her way over in my direction.  Yea, that was good. Even more important is that the song she was dancing to was Something to Believe in,  by Poison.  I had to ask who did it, for I had never heard that music until that night.  Ever since then that song has stuck in my head.  I am going to keep it there along with that night’s experience  a long time ago at a tavern in Eagle River.

All These Things That I’ve Done

Live version:

This is a late entry by me.  I thought this list should also include one piece of music that is  current. This is an interesting piece of pop music. If it has staying power, or not that is not important.  It is interesting music, that rates a three star in my iTunes music.  That makes it special.   I guess this song is about reaching out and reaching in.

Don’t you forget about me  – Simple Minds

The official video:

This music entry comes from Keith.

Beautiful Day – U2

Submitted for consideration by Sara, because she knows how much I enjoy my birthday.

Something Beautiful – Needtobreathe

Submitted for your vote consideration by Matt. A great feel-good song, with a great singer, that is upbeat with meaningful lyrics.  Give it a listen for you may find this gem belongs in your music collection.

To vote for my picks, or your choice, either comment on this page or send your vote to sty2hty@gmail.com

The song that receives the most votes,  will have the best chance to win.  Those who voted for that song will then be put into a drawing, and one person will receive a signed framed canvas print of this years Birthday painting.  If the chosen song is not from my suggestions, and it gets the most votes, the person who submitted the song that got the most votes, will get a signed framed print.  Those who had voted for that music would then have their names put in a drawing for a sign print.  If one of my selections wins the vote count, then those who had voted for that winning choice, will have their names put into a drawing for the sign framed print.

If none of my four picks is the chosen vote winner, I still may decide to go with one of my choices, it is my Birthday.  The voting results still stand.  The person whose  submitted the song with the most votes,  can choose  to receive a signed  print of this years Birthday painting, or receive  a sign print later, when and if I paint their choice.

Again, anyone can cast up to  three votes for any song or songs. If a person offers another musical choice they will get an extra vote for the song that they suggested. Two last things: the music  must have a YouTube link, and each person can only suggest one song.

You have till 6 pm, Friday July 26th, to vote.

That is it.  Starting this year, every work I now do involves multiple canvases, I will prepare the frame for the selected work a head of time.  The work will start at 8 am Wednesday morning on July 31st.  I will post updates every hour, and hopefully I be done  by 6 pm.  Then the plan is to go out for drinks and a Birthday dinner.

Here is the summary of the basic rules:

— Vote for one of the four choices of music that I have offered.
— You can cast up to three votes.
— You can distribute your votes anyway you wish.

–You can also suggest another piece of music.
— a YouTube video link is nice.
— Only one entry per person
–You get an extra vote that goes to the suggestion

I forgot one other advantage to voting.  Whoever wins the vote  will not only get a sign print, but can also buy the original artwork for $200.00 (this year only). If the winner decides not to buy this years Birthday painting then it will be available to anyone for $400.00

Good luck and may the music be with you.

Scott Von Holzen

22 thoughts on “S_V_H 2013 Birthday Painting Contest. You’ve got nothing to lose.

  1. I Vote something to believe in – this would represent the fact that you are painting and believing you can make it in the world of art. You do such great work, where would you be if you did not believe in youself.


  2. I believe you are missing a song that identifies one of the goals of an artist
    ” Don’t you forget about Me” Simple Minds


  3. I vote for “Beautiful Day” by U2. However, my favorite story behind the song selection is “Something To Believe In.”


  4. And…………………….. “Something To Believe In” True blue sincerity is hard to come by anymore in this big bad world we live in! ..so give me something – to – believe – in.., yea yea…….!! Kin ya hear me singin’ in?!


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