S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Summer Allegro image & Jordyn a work in progress


This is Vivaldi’s Spring Allegro.  The image you see enlarged is from three photographs combined.   I knew early that a lot of stripping was going to happen with this work.  Where in the last Spring project, there is no stripping, with this being a summer image those rigid color patterns work well.  Spring is about growth, renewal, change, and so any pattern stripping just did not seem to work.  That is why you saw the squeegee.  In this summer work, I see it as a time when nature is settling into a pattern: there is still  lots of color like Spring, but it is  better organized.  Next up, I am going to try to use squeezes  to carry forward the freshness of Spring that is still present in early summer.

Scott Von Holzen

Now, I would like to introduce Jordyn M Stensen, my Granddaughter, and her first major artwork.  All I did was to give her  six canvases, of three different sizes, and asked her to arrange them on the floor.  I gave her only one suggestion in that how she arranges the canvas they should seem to look balanced.  She tried a number of ideas,  I liked some, and others I would point out the imbalance.  To my surprise she arranged what you are seeing below all by herself.  I really did not offer any changes, telling  her only how well-balanced the image looked.  I asked her if she liked it and she agreed.  She did not want to make any other changes. I then mark the edges and flipped the canvases over.  Together we connected them all. Then we ended this session with two coats of white gesso.


This is her first image with the basic background colored in.  We spoke a lot about what colors she would like to use on what canvases, but  all the color choices for each canvas where her choice.  I spoke to her a little about the look of Hans Hoffman, and I think she understood. I showed her images and the effect you get when there is a dark color and a light color next to each other.  But she wanted the base coloring  bright and happy, so that is what we have.  I think she has chosen her colors well. She did want an orange color and I did mix one up, but I will have to mix a more yellow orange  for that far left canvas. You see my other duties include brush cleaning and color mixing.  Next  up we are going to have Jordyn let loose her loved for Miro and her passion for Picasso.


Today, Jordyn created a view of the city, a view of houses, and fireworks or as she said it could be confetti. After some intense painting I spilled the water dish on her pallet full of fresh paint.  At that moment she insisted on cleaning up the painting area, putting everything in its place. Taking breaks from her artwork, Jordyn is also practicing  on the piano Ode to Joy by Beethoven, and Do Ra me from Sound of Music.