S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Summer Allegro image 4 & Jordyn’s final image


Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Summer Allegro composite image 4. I am near completion of this base.  The only plans left, before starting to add the music, is to add a second layer of red on the four small vertical rectangles that will each contain a musical trill and one note each.

I am always surprise by how different and the strength  of each of these Vivaldi backgrounds. A lot of effort has gone into each of them to enrich their contribution to the work.  Looking at this background, before adding the music, this artwork could easily stand on its own as a work of abstraction.  How good this look is, or the others  as abstract art, I am not sure, but for now the backgrounds are there to support and visually challenge, what is next,  the music.


This is Jordyn’s final image. This was a three-day project that amounted to multiple hours of work each day.  Her enthusiasm and concentration, I thought was outstanding for a nine-year old.  Jordyn especially like the work she did on the far left panel of her favorite animal which is a pig.  Her laugh was so different and so real that I knew she loved how it had turned out. Jordyn’s depiction of people is greatly influence by the works of Miro and Picasso. From left to right the panels read as follows: two people playing catch, fireworks with a person watching, houses in town, the city, the farm, and her pig. Many times I offered direction to awaken her efforts or to move this project along, but never did I make the final decision to subject matter, or choice of colors. I let her lead us through  this project with my main duties being brush cleaning,  paint mixer, and guide. This work came all from her, and she deserves a lot of honest praise for it has truly  been earned.  Jordyn’s did more the exceed my expectations. For three days and a lot of hours she let her imagination out and down it came in reds, blues, greens, yellows, an a pink pig.

Scott Von Holzen

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