S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Summer Allegro Final image


This 15 foot 4 inch monster that began on July 3rd is now finished.   I am glad to move on. That only leaves four more Vivaldi’s to do and the set of thirteen is complete.   A good guess, for the finish of this project,  would be something in June of 2014, or probably July of 2014,  just in time for a needed vacation.

I do not have many thoughts lift about this work, because I have worked on this one work almost three months.  Here is what I can say:  it is big, it is diverse looking, and it represents the best effort  of this artist.  That is so far.  You could remove the bolts from this work,  separate them, and it would look like each canvas belongs to another artwork.  That I find fascinating and a direction I plan to keep developing to see how far it goes. Because as you know the real quest of this artist is to find out how it will all end.  Although the canvases are each unique you cannot but see that when they are all put together, it works.  I am sure those of appreciate this music will wonder why I pick the phrase that I did from this music considering how powerful most of the music is, and this is not.  This phrase of music, about 10 seconds,  is the sound of a little finch chirping.  I use it because this part of the movement is unique in the concerto.  There that is it, which you will be able to see, and hear,  when I post the walk through tomorrow evening.

Next up is the last of the Autumn  movements completing the first of the four concertos.  It is also called Autumn Allegro.  So the fall concerto starts with Allegro and ends with Allegro.  Maybe I will have to call it Autumn Allegro last movement.