S_V_H Keep on Loving You image4


Keep on Loving you has been held up because of the Vivaldi I have pushed to complete.  Now over the next week I plan to move forward on this small work.  This is a spec work.  The person who requested this work will be able to buy this work for one-third less than my asking price, when finished.  I do not do a lot of ‘suggestions’ but at times they offer interesting challenges, to try to match the artwork to the customer, and to make a possible sale.

So what is going on with this work?  First,  I have been, and will hopefully continue to use,   a pallet that consists of a lot of the colors that where popular in the  nineteen eighties. The next step is to put in three rectangles along the bottom.  Then comes the fun part, playing with what music notation calls ‘ties’.  In music a tie is a curved line connecting two notes or more.  For me I have my own ties, and they have their own look, that has nothing to do with music, but are there to create interest, making the flow of the music more entertaining.  That how it do it.  Finally, I drop in some words that can relate to the music, but that are generic in themselves.  Lets see what happens.

Also, I have started a site on Etsy, call ArtinMusic  where you can buy a canvas print from over seventy of my works.  I have also added this work  as a print.  If you pre-order Keep On Loving You it will be at a discounted price.  That discount decreases the closer this work is to completion.  Right now you pay only $30.00 for a finished print,  instead of  final price of $50.00.  At the Etsy site you will find all of my greatest hits, mostly priced at fifty dollars each.

Scott Von Holzen