S_V_H UP On the Roof image2 & 3


Up on The Roof Image 2


UP on the Roof Image 3

Up on the Roof is a Classic pop song from the sixties and on. There has been a major change that you may find hard to see in the full images.  In the first image  the first two canvases butt together.  In image two, and now three, what you are now seeing is that I have separated the first two canvases using  canvas two as a first step up.  Canvas three and four then are each another step up. This is my first artwork with four different levels.  The obvious reason that I am stepping these canvases is to follow the flow of the music. This artwork is going to look interesting, on a wall. Right now, it is hard to hold the work safely on the easels, without adding an arm to let the artwork move out from the support.

Next up is to put in the musical flow.

You can buy a finish print of this artwork at a discounted price at my Etsy site for $30.

Scott Von Holzen