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Vivaldi’s Autumn Allegro Mvt 3  third image. I am back to complete the 10th painting in the Four Seasons series. I must say I am tiring of this project, but of course, that changes nothing.  The need to meet the demands of each Vivaldi, plus my acknowledgement that each of these artworks must breath and grow through its entire life from planning,  construction, to completion,  no matter my emotional state, this is my job to complete. Thirteen artworks will make up The Four Seasons, and each new work begins where the last left off.  It is that simple.  It is a commitment.

On the left side of this work you are seeing the beginning of the extensive tapping, so that I can paint in a had edge on each of my stems. I forgot to photograph this artwork before I started the taping, and in a way I should have, but this blog is more a documentation tool, then a getting-out-the-message tool, so years from now I can look back, and see my style changes.

Looking back at my stem history, I can see that I shifted to the hard edge near the end of 2010.  In fact I see it on a painting that I have not looked at for a while, Every Time you Say Goodbye.  Before that I use to free draw the stems and  at times they looked good. The reason I moved away from the soft look,  was I wanted the stems to stand out more. In that way they became more apart of the flow of the music.  When painted in the stems, they really help my round head notes, by accentuating that part of the music. The stems are almost a counter to the notes, because they are vertical which depicts the flow as sharp points, that like the note heads, move up and down with the flow of the music.

My goal is to get this work done no later than January 19th.  The reason is I want to start the big one, which is Winter Allegro the first movement of the Four Seasons Winter Concerto. It was this music that began my passion for Vivaldi. Today, I have well over 19,000 pieces of music in my iTunes music library, but only two songs have a five start rating and Vivaldi’s Winter Allegro was the first.

Scott Von Holzen

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