S_V_H Vivaldi’s Winter Allegro Non Molto image 4



This Vivaldi has taken forever. And the enlarged image does little to portray the power and chill that this work sends through the viewer. You will have to see it up close to know its cold feel. But few of you will, and for now,  that is just the way it is.  I can say if you check out the other 10 Vivaldi’s at my Vivaldi page that this is one unique artwork.  It was better when I worked on this painting in mid February, but lucky for me now, the ‘chill’ is already in this work.  For It was in February that I switch my efforts to complete three commission works. Now, I am somewhat back, for I am also working on another client artwork, that has no hard timeline. I will have enough hours for this Four Seasons piece over the next couple of weeks, to finish it before June.  I need to finish for standing in line are the last two Vivaldi’s: the first movement of Spring, and the Storm that is Summer.  The timing for starting the Spring Vivaldi is already past, but in reality spring around here was nothing. It was bland, boring, and dull. For the most part the feeling of Spring was nonexistent, with most days being a back-en-forth between late Winter and early summer. What this means is that I will have accumulated little inspiration for my Vivaldi Spring based on the weather. Of course, that is not true with this Winter Vivaldi. It was a long, cold, bitter, uncomfortable winter, and it clearly shows in this work. If you are ever lucky enough to view this seventeen foot work in person, you will know and feel winter.

Scott Von Holzen