Two Paintings Going East


Don’t Think Twice is an adorable little painting I did in the summer of 2009. I love holding this work in my hands.  I have always felt that this was a good work.  Although I am the one that listed this artwork,  I am still  surprised that it sold at such a bargain price. The new owner made a good decision in buying these two artworks. Of all of my paintings this is the only one which I wish I had chosen the words better, to protect the music.  From this work on, I have been extremely careful in my choose of words.  It is necessary that the words, that appear on an artwork, do not refer to the music, but take on any of several meanings. Do that broadens the meaning and depth of the painting, and adds a challenge and an opportunity for the viewer to make their own interpretation of what an artwork is trying to say.


Now for My Funny Valentine. I painted this slightly larger artwork in December of 2008.  The words for this artwork show you how to pick the correct ones to give an artwork multiple meaning, beyond its title.  I love the words of My Funny Valentine. In fact, I cannot say in words, how much I love this version of My Funny Valentine by the Great Etta James. No one sings these words better.




Thank you East Coast Buyer.


Scott Von Holzen